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Ever I Wanted

If I were a man
I’d have used a gun
One bullet
One pull of the trigger
One mind gone silent for
the ever I wanted

But women take pills
drift off to nothing
with our faces made up
for whoever
finds us in
the ever we wanted

They tell me
I swallowed about
one hundred and fifty
If I were a smart
I would have
done the math grotesque
correctly calculated death
stayed quiet in
the ever I wanted

My hands are shaking posting this one.

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Long, dim buildings; sparse, lonely people.

SIX WORDS (7/12/14)

It’s State of Lit week on Dazed! We’re selecting our favourite US lit Tumblrs as submitted by you. Today’s pick is Eric Boyd and his six word poems.
Based in the US? Submit your lit Tumblr here – we want to see stories, poems, sentences, words… Don’t forget to add a description and where you are in the USA.

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If You Were a Book

If you were a book
you’d be a Harlequin
All feathered hair
to run fingers through
Gentle taking of hands
Locked gazes
Slow lean ins
for soft kisses
that deepen into
clothing stripped off
one piece at a time

All taking of me
into your arms
Shielding from beasts
Carrying me over dirty roads
to protect my delicate
constitution and feet

But I hate romance novels
I like taking
my own clothes off
all at once
or just lifting my skirt
Fucking anywhere
but a bed of pillows
and satin sheets

Don’t lay me down
Push me up
against the wall
Give me five minutes
of hard and fast
then be done with me
For I have already finished
with you

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Where the Misenthropes Are

Take your pens
in your fists
to the darkest streets
the backest ally dives
bathroom walls
and dirty stalls

There are misanthropes to find
and secret rooms circa 1932
walls covered with
the in-betweens you missed
Scratched frenetic
in mad scientist
speak easy style truth
Found stuck in the teeth
of holy lying books
Before they were driven
from their minds
by X multiplied
equals nothing
but why not?

They’ll say they hate
to break it to you
But there is no equation
No product to find
That’ll will square it
reason it
make it right

Nope just time
to pick your poison son
before they do it for you

How’s about something
nice and dark
that burns going down

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Kisses of Consumption

He met her like wine
from a sun drenched vineyard
instead of a dying thing
in a bed of misfortune and filth
He watched her drown
and loved her
for suffocating death so gracefully
Laid down his head
on the red stains she left
and vowed to die
with her her legs
wrapped around his waist
hips still round in his hands
and lips gone cold

Instead he lived
a life of death forever
in his lover’s farewell kiss

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Dear Mr. Thomas

We do not go gentle!

Each time we walk
the dusking streets
we brave death
at the hands
of your good night

Brave the blame
of drunken men
for their age
their rage
and the slow fade
of the their minds

Still sun I ask you
hold on to the tree tops
a few moments more
Let me pass unnoticed
round the corner
out of sight let me
make it to my door
locked away
shut in

Until sunrise
when their war
is no more than a hangover
and the cowards strewn
about the battle field
have failed once again
to go kicking and screaming
into the good dying
of the night

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